Mexico celebrates a rich tradition of arte popular that reaches more than 2,000 years into the Mesoamerican past. Today, in villages, towns, and cities throughout Mexico, indigenous people and Mestizos—people of mixed Native and non-Native heritage—continue to fashion art that expresses their deeply rooted traditions. Ceremonial and profane, parodic and whimsical, their art reflects their communal lives and values

Folk art is deeply rooted in the social, economic, and cultural life of Mexico. It is embedded in a deep sense of community and symbolizes the ways of doing, believing, working, and being that Mexicans have developed throughout their history. Understanding folk art begins by appreciating the land and its people. It is a source of pride for the majority of the Mexicans and getting in touch with this theme implies touching one of the most sensitive nerves of Mexican idiosyncrasy. There is also an element of social responsibility and a willingness to support an activity that, for its creators, does not only signify an artistic expression but also a way of life and survival. For those who stand out as true masters of these ancestral forms of art, their artistic/productive activity is essential since it signifies the economic wellspring of many families and their communities. Supporting their creativity and forms of artistic expression, is an attempt to contribute to its survival as well as its education and promotion which will help ensure that the knowledge of these extraordinary artists is not lost and that their technical mastery, skills and experience is passed on to other members of their communities.

Acento Gallery is the proud to bring to the region object art pieces from the following masters listed in the book: "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art"


Alejos Madrigal, Hilario Clay   Diego Martinez, Carlo Magno Clay
Ayala, Damaso Lacquer Work   Felipe, Elena y Rivera, Bernardina Clay
Bautista Gomez, Alberto Clay   Marmolejo Sanchez, Odilón Sterling Silver
Bernabe Campechano, Jose Clay Punzo, Angel Copper / Sterling Silver
Coronel, Francisco Lacquer Work Quesada Celado, Juan Clay


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